ELEKTRA Schalkau


Encourage and challenge!

We would like to shape the future of Elektra in collaboration with qualified and engaged employees – predominantly from local region. For this, we attach great importance to early support of talents and potential high performers and to close regional collaboration.

Support of employees

Good performance of our trainees, students and employees are required but also supported by us.

Your career in our company group is being supported for example by qualified continuing education to develop commonly.

Our trainees and dual students are being supported actively by our qualified specialists in all aspects and further qualified by external training courses.


Direct studies at a university or technical college is not only intellectual and disciplinary great challenge but also an economic strain for young people and their families. ELEKTRA supports engineering and commercial students by intensive contact with reference to corporate practice and additionally financial support to allow the student to completely focus on their studies contents. 

Determined, efficient and capable young people should find the most optimal start in career. ELEKTRA get involved for this in multifold aspects. High qualified performers that prepare for responsible tasks with their studies are being supported by ELEKTRA practically, ideally and financially.

Please contact us to learn all details concerning requirements and conditions of our studies support.

Regional commitment

We attach great importance to a close and successful collaboration with schools, colleges and other facilities in our region. We are very interested in inspiring young people for an occupational career in this region.

We enjoy introducing our company with presentations, workshops or plant visits and get involved in other regional actions.

Please contact us to discuss our collaboration.

Contact person

Postal address

Elektra GmbH • Personnel department • Simone Hopf • Auweg 1 • 96528 Schalkau • Germany

Contact data

Phone: +49 (0)36766 / 24-144
E-Mail: bewerbung (at) elektra-schalkau.de