ELEKTRA Schalkau

Practical training/ holiday job

Practical training / internship / diploma thesis

To get a first insight into business world at ELEKTRA connected with relative job content, we offer the opportunity to students and young professionals to do a practical training, an internship or a diploma thesis (e.g. bachelor, master, engineer).

You are welcome to apply proactively for a practical training!

We look forward to your application including cover letter, CV, school certificate, information concerning period of practical training and responsible for practical training.

Holiday job

To get a first insight into business world at ELEKTRA during holiday and semester break or before starting an apprenticeship/ studies, we offer all-the-year the opportunity to student for holiday job.

Minimum period should be two weeks.

We look forward to your proactive application including cover letter and CV and information concerning possible period.

Contact person

Postal address

Elektra GmbH • Personnel department • Simone Hopf • Auweg 1 • 96528 Schalkau • Germany

Contact data

Phone: +49 (0)36766 / 24-144
E-Mail: bewerbung (at) elektra-schalkau.de