ELEKTRA Schalkau

Elektra Group

The family run headquarters situated locally in South Thuringia was found in 1947 and re-established in 1990 with reorientation of competences and product ranges. Since that time there has been done a continuous extension of capacities along with intensive capital investment as well as structural alteration.

As subsidiary companies there were found POL-Elektra in Poland in 1993 and finally Elektra Oberflächentechnik GmbH in industrial area in Schalkau in 2004. In 2023, FSP-Automations GmbH in Schleusingen was incorporated into the Elektra group of companies.

As development supplier and carrier of technology of electromechanical components for safety engineering and environment engineering for leading system providers as well as surface finishing in day and night design, we make contribution – in the range of our competence range – to make vehicles more safety, more comfortable and environmental friendly and are a competent contact for our customers.

By order of our customers, we design and produce customized individual solutions.
Essential competences in these processes are the control of innovative production techniques such as injection moulding and cutting methods for plastic finishing, efficient assembly solutions with fully automated assembly lines and surface finishing of parts by painting and laser.

The field of application of the product range of more than 1.800 products is in the main in the Automotive sector – besides this also in power electronics and in power engines for other industrial applications.

This leads to results that could establish sustainably in international competition due to their quality and efficiency.

Competence & Experience

Based on competence and experience of 7 decades, our know-how through the whole process chain as development supplier is being offered to our customers. Our project teams accompany all customer projects from the beginning up to series-production readiness and beyond. With this we generate mutually an additional value and optimal process.


It is very important for us to realize continuously high-quality standards and cleanliness requirements for our customers in our processes and by automated measurement and testing methods as well as by manual quality assurance actions.

Of course, all our locations are being certified according to IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001. The company's quality policy can be sent or viewed upon request. Additionally, Elektra GmbH and Elektra Oberflächentechnik GmbH are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001.


Within the scope of our competence areas, we produce considerably efficient in the highest quality.  For this, we develop potential of up-to-date complex automation techniques for our products and use benefit of foreign location with low unit labour costs.

Compatibility and flexibility

With the objective of highest compatibility, our performance is being brought consequently to the customers‘ expectations and requirements. We guarantee on time performance combined with high flexibility.

Based on professional automation planning and process optimization we are also able to develop available production solutions further or new.


Due to advanced products and processes we are able to offer innovation as a development supplier to our customers. Our inhouse departments research and development, product and tooling design as well as sample and prototype building designs innovative and individual solutions in close collaboration with our customers. Our special attention is on development of components for brushless motors.


We release potentials at home and abroad to increase our business volume annually. A strategic advantage is our location in Poland especially in business with EU joining countries of Central and Eastern Europe.


Decision processes and procedures are organized in the most possible simple, fast and lean way. 

Additionally, we guarantee a reliable technical availability of automatic assembly lines connected with a high delivery reliability.