ELEKTRA Schalkau


capable technique for production

To react custom fit on requirements, all three locations of Elektra GmbH have high performance systems engineering inclusive robotics.


Elektra GmbH has overall more than 40 assembly transfer lines and more than 70 injection moulding machines in Schalkau and Łochowo (Polen). The bigger part of each are in Schalkau. Additionally, there are 3 painting machines and several laser systems.

The production lines are classified in solely plastic production, solely assembly production, linked assembly processes with integrated injection moulding machines and manual assemblies as well as surface finishing.

Production control

Operation and control of complete production is been done by our production control. There is also being coordinated all further steps connected with the related departments.

Quality/ Cleanliness

The demands on our products are characterized by highest quality standards and cleanliness requirements. The requirements are being implemented in running process by automated measuring and testing technique and manual quality assurance measures.


Furthermore, our electronic, mechanic and tooling maintenance departments ensure a high technical availability of automated production lines and - connected with this - a high delivery reliability.