ELEKTRA Schalkau

Purchasing department

Purchasing philosophy

The efficiency of our suppliers is a crucial factor that makes a great extend for business success of Elektra GmbH. Excellent quality, high delivery reliability and flexibility as well as competitive pricing are the basis to satisfy the increasing requirements of our customers. We enter into a long-term partnership with our suppliers that is based on a close and trusting collaboration.

Purchase portfolio

Summary of purchase spectrum of Elektra GmbH:

  • Sheet metal part (steel, brass, bronze, copper), stamping parts with press-fit technology
  • Cable assembly (single wires respectively wiring sets with plug contacts, etc.)
  • Plastic material (PPS, PBT, PA, PPA)
  • Chokes 
  • Carbon brushes
  • Springs (pressure springs, leg springs)
  • Electronic components (active and passive components; PCBs)
  • Sealings (e.g. made of FPM/VMQ)

Our conditions of purchase and quality assurance agreement that are the basis for the business relationship are to be found in the downloads.