ELEKTRA Schalkau

Assembly processes

Highly economical production processes and automated assembly solutions for electromechanical assemblies with highest demands

Elektra offers fully automated assembly of electromechanical components according to customer requirements and customer orders.

For this there are used state-of-the-art global market complying techniques. For manual assemblies are appropriate intelligent assembly devices available. By our Polish location POL-Elektra we are able to offer competitive performances.


  • Welding
    with process monitored welding machines for resistance welding, laser welding and ultrasonic welding.
  • Pin-Stitching
    of metal contacts into injection moulded parts by high flexible and cycle time optimized special automatic units
  • Automated soldering processes
    chained with assemblies on transfer lines
  • Fluid tightening by potting technique for potting of
    various one or two component sealing compounds
  • Cleaning of surfaces
    Assemblies according to technical cleanliness requirements by plasma treatment

Measuring and testing technique

  • Camera testing
  • Position monitoring with camera
  • Electric tests (DC/AC)
  • Test of high voltage, continuity, contact resistance, in general implemented RLC testing
  • Reeling circle test
  • Position monitoring of contact pins for assembly of PCB
  • Force-distance monitored joining processes
  • Verification and documentation of joining and spring forces
  • Leakage test
  • Proof of leak tightness for water (steam jet) and oil (gear application)