ELEKTRA Schalkau

Injection moulding

Innovative injection moulding technologies for high precise injection moulded parts

Elektra offers the production of injection moulded parts made on state-of-the-art tooling up to 300 t locking pressure. For this are especially used injection moulding machines from Arburg and Engel. Injection moulding can be done horizontally and vertically. For time shortened processes and complex installations there are used rotary table machines. The Elektra inhouse tool shop makes the service for injection moulding perfect.

Injection moulding technologies for thermoplastic

  • Moulding-cutting-technology
    Metal conductor paths are being cut, bent and crimped during closing of the tool with or without scrap and moulded after this.
  • Silicone-/elastomer processing
    Processing of silicone material on special tooling
  • Multicomponent injection moulding
    Up to 2 materials can be combined with appropriate tooling and equipment
  • Reel to reel technology
    Coils of stamping parts are being directly moulded from coil and after moulding directly recoiled for further automatic processing.
  • Complex installations
    Chaining of various injection moulding machines by robotics and implementation of further technologies.
reel to reel
reel to reel
Complex installations

Thermoset processing

Possibility of processing of thermoset material in collaboration with partners.