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Elektra GmbH

Elektromechanical assemblies for automotives

In its products and services, ELEKTRA is focused on the requirements of the automobile industry.

As a supplier of developments and prototypes for electromechanical assemblies for leading system providers, in the context of our range of competences, we do not only contribute to making automobiles safer, more comfortable and environmentally friendly, but als to keep them low-cost and worth their money.

Our range of more than 1,500 products includes motors, brush cards, interference suppression, switches and high-precision plastic parts. They are primarily used for vehicles - but also for other industrial products and medical tehcnology.

By order of our customers, we develop and procuce custom made, individual solutions. Essential competences include the professional use of innovative production processes such as mould and die technology and high profitable allembly solutions. We allready use our know-how in the development phase of new systems. This produces resulst which lead to sustainable success in international competition dure to their quality and profitability.