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  • Competence
    As a service provider for our customers, Elektra links products and production.
  • Profitability
    Within our areas of competence, our production is highly profitable and of top quality. To achieve this, we open the potential provided by progressive automation technology for our products and benefit from the locations abroad with low unit labour costs.
  • Compatibility
    Our aim is to achieve the highest possible comatibility, therefore, our services are consequently orientated to our customers' requirements. Competent work preparation enables us to advance or redevelop existing processing solutions.
  • Innovation
    With state-of-the-art products and processes, we offer our customers innovation as a development supplier. We are  expanding continuously our own research and development, product and tool construction as well as sample and prototype construction as our core competences. Our particular focus concentrates on the development of assemblies for so called brushless motors.
  • Growth
    We open potential within Germany and abroad to be able to increase our business volume every year. We offer our customers strategic benefits with our location in Poland, particularlyfor business with the EU accession countries in central and Eastern Europe.
  • Efficiency
    Decision processes and workflows are set up to be as simple and fast as possible.