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In a bright, clean and new factory hall, two varnishing machines and a manual varnishing station are provided for processing.

The flat varnishing machine is intended for varnishing parts with a maximum side lengt of 800 mm.

The second varnishing machine, a spindle varnishing machine, is used for processing rotation-symmetrical or geometric challenging parts.

Both varnishing machines are equipped with automatic AGMD spray guns, the material amount, horn and spraying air can be controlled and adapted individually.

For both machines, 1-componen and 2-component solvent-based and water-bases varnishes can be used. Mixing ratios up to 1:50 can be portioned automatically.
Additional equipment such as a humidifying system or an air conditioningt system provide the optimum air and flow conditions on both systems.

The capacity and yield of the machines are specific and depend on the size of the respective individual parts. 

By means of diode-pumped lasers of laser class 1, the products are labelled after varnishing while monitored by cameras.